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That started a conversation about prostitution in Cairo, which they all said had blossomed following the revolution.

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There's a point at which parents get so desperate they sell whatever they can to make ends meet, including their daughters.

I was in Cairo, Egypt, last week, and this topic came up as I was talking to some Egyptians at my hotel.

Isn't it a little Western-centric to think of him in American terms?

And doesn't it downplay the uniquely Egyptian characteristics that make his show so important, such as his willingness to criticize a government that might lock him up?

The first of two segments on the incident is above; the second is below.

Stewart's treatment of the incident is witheringly funny, but he also asks the right question: with so many problems in Egypt right now -- an imploding economy, rising sexual assaults and street violence, plummeting tourism -- why is the government focusing its time and energy on arresting a popular satirist?

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"So Bassem Youssef pokes fun at your hat and your lack of promised democratic reforms," Stewart says. Look, silencing a comedian doesn’t qualify you to be president of Egypt, just president of NBC." He adds, "When you are actually powerful, you don't need to be petty." Not everyone is thrilled with Youssef's label as "the Jon Stewart of Egypt," though it may have helped win him Stewart's public defense and will probably stick even more after this incident.