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Additionally, Germans benefit from frequent holidays and typically at least a month of paid vacation.

This can sometimes be difficult for Americans to buy, particularly when your coworkers casually invite you to the office’s nude sauna or suggest a naked swim in a nearby lake.

Adjusting to this culture without getting weird took some grit, finesse, and more than a few awkward encounters.

The pervasive fear of litigation that infuses most public activities in the United States is virtually nonexistent in Germany.

Particularly in Saxony, there are strict rules about when stores can remain open.

Most businesses are closed in the evenings and all day on Sunday.

It was an incredible event that would have never been allowed to happen in the US because of all the safety violations — someone could hit their head, fall off a bed, get whacked in the eye.

And it was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.

Eventually sensing my discomfort, Roger paused and gave me a blank look.

“Well, you asked,” he muttered, rolling his eyes before continuing down the hall to his office.

“Only an idiot would fail to realize that a steep cliff is dangerous,” my German co-worker stated matter-of-factly.

A few months later, after a particularly brutal snowstorm, I remember seeing an older gentleman faceplant on the ice while waiting for the tram.

Credit cards are also virtually nonexistent in Germany.