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"I want a man with a personality and looks to take my breath away." These are the requirements of the dark-haired, dark-eyed, 37-year-old Asian beauty who has sent me her romantic wish list.Reading it on my laptop in the aptly named Cafe Affaire in central London, I consider what she really wants: a no-strings-attached sexual relationship.

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They immediately started to eat their luncheon of sandwiches, fruit and cake. A man lived in a house that could be entered by only one door and five windows.

Her photograph reveals that the hour has stretched to 90 minutes.

I'm already starting to feel like I've had enough of this experiment.

So said Robert Streeter and Robert Hoehn, two self-styled intelligence experts in the Thirties, who set out to discover clever people by publishing a book posing devilishly difficult brain-teasers for members of the general public.

Test your memory on this passage: Three men and their wives and a widower left by car at noon one day for a picnic.

Manager of Cyber Security at ACMA, Bruce Matthews said the latest scam takes subscribers to a fake Netflix sign in page.

The fake websites uses information from the real website to obtain further personal details.I register, and enter the murky world of two-timing technology, taking note of the warning on the site: "Not all affairs have a positive effect on a marriage." What a masterpiece of understatement.I wonder if anyone has ever read this, seen the wisdom of it and decided not to join. "I'm witty, charming, handsome and modest, and I'm kind to animals," I write, hoping this description will have a fairly broad appeal, and also include a recent photograph.It may sound like an unpleasant niche website for a handful of amoral people to whom wedding vows never meant very much.But it claims to have more than 100,000 members in the UK.This is how I find myself waiting for "Sophia Loren".