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For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am one of those people who once they set their mind to something, will do whatever it requires to achieve it. The rudimentary outline of a plan has started to come together, and I figured I needed three things to fall in line, to allow me to achieve my goal. There were plenty of offers around online, but caution dictated that this would have to be something I did alone.

It made me second-guess this decision, yet at the same time, the urge felt like it was getting stronger, fuelled by the knowledge of just how taboo and socially unacceptable this was.

Another evening chatting on a beastie site and the same old questions came up, "How did you start? " The first question was easy, it all started when I was 19 and the four hells angels I was living with decided I would try dog sex.

At first I hated it, but over the following weeks, I grew to like and eventually love it.

I accepted the fact the first time I was coerced, and a lot of the time under the influence of illegal substances, but the questions turned like worms in my brain, "would I do it again? " Two decades later, and now an upstanding member of society, would I do it again out of my own free will? Stick my ass high in the air like a slut, and beg him to mount me, and use me, and pound me with his angry red dog cock?

As the questions swirled in my head, one quick check between my legs provided the resounding answer that I couldn’t get myself to verbalize.

Whispering to myself under my breath, affirming how I was a dog slut, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter and the desire to tear my bottoms off and search for my dildo was intense.

Resisting the urge, as my boyfriend was just upstairs, I had to make do with just pushing a finger deeply inside myself, then slowly sucking it clean. There had been a report recently in the news about a woman, who had been caught with a dog.

Frequently, at night or early morning, I would log onto beast sites and spend hours in the chat rooms.

The discussions there would get incredibly descriptive, and I would often sit on a towel, soaking it through, as we talked in vivid and gory detail about dogs fucking me.

No way was I going to allow someone else to hold this over me, again, and quite frankly, the biggest thrill about this time around, is that this was something that I’m was doing exclusively for myself. At home would seem logical, as our house is secure, the entrance way protected by electric gates, and reasonably isolated.

Set back far enough on the large lot, none of the nosy neighbours could easily see into the windows from the road, although, the large back garden was definitely out.

My lover King, a large German shepherd, became my protector, and the only living thing in the house that treated me with any form of kindness.

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