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[] recommended future trials include dietary self-monitoring and tailored feedback to increase the personal relevance to the individual.Dietary self-monitoring is commonly undertaken as a written food record by asking the person to record the types of amounts of all foods and beverages consumed over one or more days.

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The primary outcomes were changes in serves of fruits, vegetables, energy-dense nutrient-poor (EDNP) foods and sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB).In 2011, over half of young adults aged 18–24 years and 59 % of 25–34 year olds in Western Australia were classified as either overweight or obese [].In Australia, teenagers and young adults consume more energy dense nutrient poor foods (EDNP) such as fast food, chocolate, chips, meat pies, pizzas and sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) than other age groups and are less likely than older adults to meet the Australian guidelines of at least two 150 g serves of fruit and five 75 g serves of vegetables a day [].An additional advantage is the detailed information collected can form the basis of tailored dietary feedback for the individual.Tailoring is a form of communication personalised to the individual based on characteristics unique to that person and derived from individual assessment [].I then spent the next 30 minutes crafting a very clever email to "Dave" (email is my specialty when it comes to online dating) and hit send, only to have e Harmony pop up an ad telling me I'd have to pay in order to send the email! Let's Chat" message along with stupid 5 canned questions with their multiple choice answers. First, he sent a canned flirt reply that suggested I post my photo.

Second he "skipped to email." Well, I had posted a photo, but, apparently, he's unable to see it, since I'm not a paying member.Dating guru that I am, I feel it's my responsibility to check out the various alternatives available to singles.I've tried many of the online dating sites and, as everything, each has it's ups and downs.Most of the matches lived much farther from me than I wanted and most were much older than me... I couldn't see photos and I couldn't search on my own.But..weekend is a "free communication weekend" so I wanted to take advantage of it and picked the one guy who (at least based on profile) looked closest to a match. "I searched all over for some special promotional code that would let me communicate and finally figured out that the only "free communication" I'm able to do is send canned flirts and "guided communication questions." So I sent Dave a free, "Looks like we have a lot in common.The intervention effects were assessed using linear mixed effect models for change in food group serves.