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All the information detailed by Walsh -- the extended questioning of Gallagher, Gallagher's responses and non-responses, the lies Walsh caught Gallagher telling, and the failure by Sorensen to do anything about Walsh's repeated warnings that Gallagher was a non-credible witness -- all of that constitutes so-called "Brady violations." None of this material was ever turned over to the defense by the prosecution in blatant violation of Brady v. He made national and international headlines when he became the first Catholic administrator in the country to go to jail in the clergy's sex abuse scandal, after a jury convicted him in 2012 of one count of endangering the welfare of a child.The crime Lynn was convicted of: placing an abusive priest, Father Edward V.

Walsh's affidavit may turn out to be Shero's ticket out of jail, where he's served four years for a crime that never happened. The priest, according to Gallagher, had supposedly locked all four doors of the sacristy, stripped off his priestly garments, and then forced the boy to have oral sex.

Those graphic details included allegations of brutal anal rapes, death threats, getting tied up naked with altar sashes, strangled with a seatbelt and being knocked unconscious by his assailants. "So I asked him did he lie about what happened when he told [the drug counselor] and the two women about what he said occurred," Walsh wrote.

"He said yeah I guess so," Walsh quoted Gallagher as saying.

"I asked him if he was lying about anything else and he would not answer me," Walsh wrote.

"He just sat there and did not answer me." But Walsh came to his own conclusions about the truth of Danny Gallagher's allegations of abuse.

In his affidavit, Walsh states three different times that he concluded that Gallagher wasn't telling the truth when he claimed he was raped in separate attacks by two priests and a Catholic schoolteacher.

For five years, this blog has published a steady stream of formerly confidential records, including grand jury transcripts, police records, medical records, civil depositions and psychiatrist's reports, showing that Danny Gallagher was most probably lying at the grand jury and at two criminal trials when he made fantastic accusations of rape that sent three priests and a schoolteacher to jail.

A.'s star witness in the child endangerment case against Msgr. Lynn, scheduled to go to trial in just a few weeks.

Walsh was quizzing the former altar boy about his claim that he was high on drugs when he told two social workers "graphic details" about violent rapes and beatings he supposedly suffered at the hands of two priests and a Catholic schoolteacher.

But Walsh had interviewed Gallagher's father, a Philadelphia police sergeant, who said his son wasn't high on drugs the morning he talked to the two social workers.

Because just a few minutes earlier, the father had driven his sober son home from the drug clinic.

Walsh's inside account is packed with irrefutable facts, and will go down as the authoritative word on this legal travesty.

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