Funbox dating

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Funbox dating - Sexy mobile chats in kannada

Please receive one funbox, and feel free to use us again if you like it.We are extremely sorry that you did not like the taste of the products we carefully selected for your funbox.

Yes, you can change your delivery address while you are using our subscription service.

However, different countries may have different delivery times so orders may arrive earlier or later than our estimates. We do our best to package and ship the candy boxes so they get to you as quickly as possible; however, this process can take around five days.

Please contact us if you experience a delay that is much longer than expected.

It is extremely difficult for us to calculate prices based on the custom fees of each country.

Also, setting prices based on the custom fees required by each country would increase the price considerably.

If you cancel your service subscription straight after placing your first order, you will not be billed from the following month.

However, your first order will have been completed and, therefore, you will not be able to cancel it.Most orders arrive within a few day or a week but please allow for about two weeks for your order to arrive at your door step.Most orders ship FEDEX ground and you’ll receive tracking information emailed to you the day it ships unless you have a gmail or yahoo account, then sometimes their new spam filters will delete it before you get it.One important point to note is that although you will not be billed from the next billing date after your subscription cancellation date, you will not be able to cancel any orders that have already completed.In other words, no completed orders can be canceled even if they have not been shipped yet.Please send us information that will allow us to verify who you are, such as your ID and name, as well as monthly site statistics or any other relevant information.