Gay dating in nigeria

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Gay dating in nigeria

They were charged with conspiracy, unlawful assembly and belonging to a gang of unlawful society.In June, Nigerian LGBT writer Chibụìhè Obi was kidnapped and held to ransom for writing an anti-homophobia essay.

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There’s been another mass arrest of more than 40 individuals on charges of homosexuality in Nigeria.

A couple of days ago, TIERs Nigeria an NGO advocating for the rights of LGBT persons in Nigeria issued a warning to gay men in Lagos to keep off gay dating app – Grindr, as non community members were using the app to blackmail users.

Dear LGBT Friends/ Family in Lagos and it's surrounding,please take note and share within your network. SRmg FGJs6 — TIERs (@TIERs Nigeria) July 25, 2017 As you probably know being gay in Nigeria is a crime, punishable with a 14 year prison sentence.

Twelve northern states operate under Islamic Sharia law that allows homosexuality to be punished with death by stoning.

The Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, enacted in 2014, outlaws gay marriage and any kind of same-sex relationship with 14 years’ imprisonment.

Many have already fallen prey to the extortion scheme and it is being alleged that in just the last week alone over N500,000 has been paid by gay men who’ve fallen prey to the cops using the app to bait them.

So far TIERs Nigeria has been tweeting at the official twitter handle of the Nigerian police but they have not responded to the allegations.

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Life for gay men in Nigeria just got a whole lot tougher.

, which reported that police raided a hotel in order to conduct the arrests.

People had congregated at the hotel for an event to raise awareness for HIV testing and treatment."These men were trying to save their lives and make their country better by preventing the spread of HIV," LGBTQ activist Bisi Alimi told Reuters.

So understandably most members of the Nigerian LGBT community are in the closet.