Grand theft auto iv dating michelle

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Grand theft auto iv dating michelle

You’ll find a complete walk-through of the story mode, details on all friends, girlfriends, and random characters, solutions to side missions, multiplayer tips, and cheat codes.This Gamespot game guide to Grand Theft Auto IV features: This section provides walk-throughs for all of the single-player story missions.

If you never hunted a sadistic serial killer, dated a sex-crazed socialite or researched Lazlow's criminal history, you need to read on... Few players, however, bother tracking down the elusive fifth woman, Alex Chilton. Because Alex Chilton, a perfect parody of Paris Hilton and Carrie Bradshaw, is obsessed with documenting every meaningless minutiae of her own life. Which means that she will write about her relationship with Niko.

She's snobby, picky, bratty, materialistic, self-centered and annoying. Which means that she will write about her relationship with Niko. The blog posts just get stranger and steamier from there, with Rockstar earning every bit of that Mature rating.

You can even go on some bad dates, or dump Alex altogether, to watch the writing turn nasty.

If you're a 100% completist, you already know about most of these.

If you're a regular player, on the other hand, you need to go back.

Note that many of these missions can be completed in a different order than the one presented below.

You may have two or three story missions available at a time and can complete any one before moving to the next (although you will eventually complete them all).

[quote name="The7th One" post="1067164827" timestamp="1426866410"]That's Karen, AKA Michelle.

Judging from the fact that she worked for the United Liberty Paper Co, and joined the IAA later on, her government background proves this.

With a huge Liberty City to explore, impressive detail, sharp writing, compelling characters, and a ton of side missions and activities to complete, Grand Theft Auto IV is not only the best GTA game ever, it’s one of the best games ever period.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to get you through every facet of Grand Theft Auto IV and every corner of Liberty City.

Also reading the wiki I didn't even know the United Paper contact guy from IV showed up in V. It is a bit odd that the IAA are involved in this but it's evident she is working within their interests.