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Nonetheless, the moment was upon us as the half-pint voyagers donned life jackets.Captain Granny Hook hitched up her arm a notch and climbed aboard just behind the mainsail. While bobbing up and down amongst the flotilla, it occurred to me that my family and in-laws still had confidence in my life-saving skills, arm or no arm.


"The Granny Hook" by Kathe Campbell "Don't you worry my darlin's, I'm good." But I wasn't. I stretched out my only arm to beckon grandchild hugs while choking back a bucket of tears that persisted in welling up.The repulsive and fleeting changes rested with their very loving and savvy parents. And as it turned out, children handled the scars and granny make-over much better than friends. "Mom, you and dad must come over soon," our youngest daughter had pleaded across the miles.KT had organized a soapbox regatta and neighborhood picnic at her lake home some 600 miles from our Montana ranch."Oh Granny," sobbed one of my babies, "what did they do with your arm? " Yes, I had lost my dominant right arm and a few other mundane parts and pieces in an accident.It was essential that all our grands felt easy around me. The surgeons had done an admiral job remodeling my granny face and most of my granny ear.These are available year round at most any supermarket.

Several years ago, I became addicted to crocheting and I started Hook Me Up! Well, for the last couple of years, I’ve been overcome with school and work and haven’t really updated it.

Lavishly decorated inner tubes and two-seater barrels populated the beach in great quantity.

We speculated that our big cumbersome raft might be sluggish in the water.

They were entrusting me with the most precious things in our lives in the middle of a deep lake.

It was a first and best handicap moment I'll never forget.

Cobblers require ripe peaches of the highest quality.

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