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Just tell her you sold it in good working order and she should have checked it yesterday.You could ring the police to get advice and then tell the woman what they say.

I had a lady who came to my house to look at boys shoes 15 pairs for 20 (Geox, clarks etc) she was in my house looking at them for nearly an hour and she looked at them inside and out anyway she gave me 8 for them, then the next day called and said her husband was annoyed she bought them and could she return some of them?!? i am sure not gonna refund but yet dont want a fight over my door...She said that the raincover and hood were snapped...and clearly she is lying as i checked everything before giving, should anything would have been wrong i would have mentioned in my add If the tube only is punctured(which was clearly not when i sold) - she can order one on ebay etc for a few pounds?Now when i asked her to buy a new tube rather then travelling all the way... The item was sold without a garuantee or warranty yes?she got rude and angry and said she will come with the police i too got furious and said ok then i will be waiting with the police too i told DH all he says wat a silly answer u gave u should have just accepted a refund... i certainly dont want to call the police and create a scene for all that Don't even start me on Gumtree & Ebay grrrr..... Your a private seller who doesn't operate a business yes? I would just say no and tell them the item was sold as seen and they were happy when the collected it and took it away.Yesterday i sold my quinny pram on gumtree to a lady, whose partner came up to pick, she lives about 30 miles away.

Today i had a call that the tyre has went flat and she wants to return it back.... If the tyre has really become flat, that was not how i sold it and checked everything before giving to that guy, even demonstrated the opening, closing, recline etc.I told her where to go after spending an hour huffing and hawing she got a fantastic deal and thats that. she is sure a nasty lady and if she come up tonight... all she need would be the money should i ask her to go? and i imagine my neighbours coming out of their house and watching me and her talking loudly which i really dont want If she turns up tell her it was sold as seen and it was in perfect condition before she took it away.x Again had a chat with DH and all he says is if she turns up give hr the refund rather then being nasty... Don't open your door to her and if she does become aggressive ask her to move from your property or you will be contacting the police to report her for trespassing and harrassment.Anyway, poor kitten only survived 36 hours....quite blatantly had health issues. I had a bad experience a buyer sent me his mobile number about a fridge then asked me to deliver if possible I said yes then he abruptly said he was busy calling bank on other line and will call back ? We expressly agreed that time cos we were both free in morning?Phoned seller for refund, but only have a mobile number as contact details. an hour later he never called so I rang and he said he forgot? I told him on the ad it says 6 months old so obviously not new I said I'd deliver for a fiver He gave address and we arranged the following morning 9am at quarter to nine another text saying he's at work? Deffo timewaster but cheeky enough to talk and give address?i mean if she has damaged it, ripped the raincover/hood... In that case you have no reason to take the item back as a refund. Maybe I've just been burnt too many times now and I'm just a bit of a moo Sounds like she is being difficult.

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