Hardcore chat

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Hardcore chat

Then I heard they were coming and I wrote them an email and said “we want to do it, this is what we’ll need, x amount of dollars”…It was kind of a reasonable amount, more than the standard of taking a little band on with you, but not much more.

Through the years we kind of lost track, but we’ve played with CITIZEN FISH in the early 90’s and I kind of saw him at Holiday’s In the Sun, we played there in like 04 or 05, we’d just be hanging around.

You can say “The government sucks, Sarah Palin sucks” and that’s pretty easy but what are you going to do about it?

Drinking three 40’s, then doing some oxy-codeines, might be one way to deal with it and then trying to do something positive.

He’s looking at me like “your 40 fucking years old, where do think this is going? Dave: I never bumped into Casey but I am kind of like friends with the ADOLESCENTS guys…We were always like brother bands or something.

Where do you think your teeth are going to be in 5-10 years, where do you think your kid’s gonna be? TMZ had it, the entertainment papers grabbed hold of it saying “Ex Social Distortion drummer”…it’s too bad. We were from the Bay Area of California and they were from the LA area.

I was just reading ‘American Hardcore’, I picked it up at one of the gigs. They talk about when MDC came over and wiped the floor with UK bands…They figured out that they needed to pick up the pace! Now a tour with the SUBHUMANS, this is a good bill for you guys.

It makes me out to be the…the gay Chez Rivera of hardcore, ya’ know I’m like…well whatever ya’ know. (laughing) I really haven’t had a boyfriend my whole life; I’m a very unsuccessful gay person. I think your styles compliment each others bands well.

“I’ll check it out and see” and after awhile I had a cool…he wasn’t really a councilor, he was like an assistant councilor or something.

He just like one of that guys that drives you around and he had a life similar to mine and I could really fuckin’ relate.

Recently they returned to Denver for an amazing show with the SUBHUMANS. Dave: Well I busted by the Portland police and I was raising my son who was 12 years old.

Dave was cool enough to let me hang out in the back of the van and shoot the shit for awhile before the show. I got out of jail and my son was sitting there with me in my apartment that was totally tossed by the police.

The door covers the van rental and expenses; the merch is what we can send everyone home with, the driver with a thousand bucks in his pocket… Dave: There are certain amount of people listening, a certain amount of people here for fashion, a certain amount of people here for whatever. Every tour I hear, like 20-30 times “ ‘Chicken Squawk’ really helped me become a vegetarian”. To write a song like that and just realize…I don’t know if it’s sweeping the nation, but on the individual, on person in every scene.