Hastler annonymous sex chat

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Hastler annonymous sex chat

I know without a doubt they got together other times on their own and I’m sure, when they did, that Gore fucked Rock.” Richard Harrison, the former beefcake model and actor who used the same gym as Rock Hudson, recalls: “He would sit in the sauna.

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“We had three-ways just when Rock was getting started as an actor,” says Bowers. He started necking with him and pretty soon he was playing with his cock. We had three-ways a dozen times and I’m sure they did it on their own a few times.“He was basically a top [he liked to penetrate, rather than be penetrated], but with Bob he allowed himself to be fucked.With some men I fixed him up with he didn’t have sex with them at all. Gore enjoyed talking to people.” The few times Bowers had sex with Vidal was “pleasant, not mad love.” Vidal was always “on the ball, not bashful or shy, rather aggressive and pushy,” and was “more or less into a quick trick.He’d grab your cock and, boom, he was young and hot and sex was rather quick.” Did Vidal have sex with any of Bowers’s other famous friends?“I fixed him up with my friend Tyrone Power, which Gore asked me for as a favor, and he did me a favor and had sex with Charles Laughton,” Bowers reveals.In December 2011, around seven months before he died, Gore Vidal turned to his good friend Scotty Bowers as the two relaxed in Vidal’s home in the Hollywood hills. “Several people I respect vouched for Scotty’s essential truthfulness and reliability as a source,” Mann states, including the journalist and author Dominick Dunne and film director John Schlesinger — as well as Vidal.

“Bob” was Bob Atkinson, a favorite hustler of Vidal’s that Bowers had first set him up with in 1948. Some have questioned the veracity of Bowers’ stories. Mann, who spoke to Bowers when researching his 2006 book, “Kate: The Woman Who Was Hepburn,” said, “I found him forthright and honest and not interested in personal fame or gain,” turning down at that stage Mann’s offer to write about him or introduce him to a literary agent.

“That’s how word got around in those days,” says Bowers.

“If you had money, you couldn’t advertise as well as this.

“Gore liked Bob because he had been in the Navy and he had a cock as big as a baby’s arm,” says Bowers, who recorded his life as a trick, then pimp, to Hollywood’s rich and famous in “Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars.” “Scotty was the closest person to Gore in the last four years of his life who wasn’t a servant,” says Vidal’s good friend and former editor, Matt Tyrnauer.

A film about Bowers, directed by Tyrnauer, is in production.

“Wherever you looked there was someone,” says Bowers.