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School-based health centers (SHCs) represent a particularly unique setting in which to examine the clinical correlates of cyber dating abuse and ARA.

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Furthermore, Zweig et al identified the most significant health correlates of cyber dating abuse to be a history of sexual activity, and having higher levels of depressive symptoms and anger/hostility.it is unclear whether cyber dating abuse shares similar detrimental health correlates as documented for physical and sexual ARA.Recent research has shown that cyber dating abuse and other forms of ARA frequently overlap.RESULTS: Past 3-month cyber dating abuse was reported by 41.4% of this clinic-based sample.More female than male participants reported cyber dating abuse victimization (44.6% vs 31.0%).Possibly related to the health consequences of ARA, adolescents seeking care in confidential adolescent health settings have a higher prevalence of ARA than general population-based studies.

No studies to date have examined cyber dating abuse and the associations with other forms of ARA and sexual risk behaviors among a clinic-based sample of adolescents.

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Youth who chose not to participate reported not having enough time or being unavailable for the follow-up survey as the primary reason for nonparticipation.

Before the clinical encounter, youth used a laptop with headphones to complete a 15-minute audio computer-assisted survey about ARA and other forms of violence victimization, sexual behavior, and care seeking for sexual and reproductive health.

Over a 7-month enrollment period, all students were screened at clinic entry for age eligibility by trained research staff.