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As her muscles get stronger she will be able sit up unsupported and enjoy a whole new outlook on the world.Bear in mind that babies develop differently, some more quickly than others.

Allow for your longest cycle in recent months before testing.I know my friends baby is sitting up and rolling at 7 months and another friends son is barely mobile.All our babies have been given the OK by health visitors.If you’re concerned about your baby’s development, or if she isn’t sitting up independently by nine months, talk to your GP or health visitor. My baby is nearly 5 months and can sit supported by cushions and not on her own.She doesn't enjoy tummy time much, but kicks around on the floor on her back. I think as long as our babies are eating and passing urine and poop, weighing in ok , we shouldn't get too hung up on whether they are achieving x y and z at certain number of months, but of course if our babies are way out then definitely see a gp/ paediatrician.Hard though it is to wait, it may be less frustrating if you test after you've missed a period.

Testing too early may not give you an accurate result, although some tests claim to be able to detect pregnancy four days before your period's due.

Don’t worry if your baby does things in a different order.

All babies develop at their own rate and in different ways.

To be able to sit by herself, your baby needs to develop strong head and neck muscles. You’ll see your baby strengthening these muscles by lifting her head when she is lying on her tummy.

You can encourage your baby to develop these new skills by giving her as much time to play on her tummy as possible.

That's because levels of the hormone gradually build up as new life begins.