How men should write dating profiles

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How men should write dating profiles

Misunderstandings and solutions Men sometimes tend to have a harder time detecting subtlety and nuance than women.So bear in mind that when you write a statement on your profile that’s only meant to imply or suggest one thing men may interpret that statement completely literally – or they may interpret something else altogether.

You say: I have a busy calendar and I’m out enjoying the city most nights.You may find it helpful to have a close friend take a look over your profile to correct any mistakes you may have missed, and to ensure that the information you’re posting reads coherently.You’ll also want to try to avoid waffling on about any given subject.If you overshare by writing too much about your job, friends, and romantic ideals, then readers may feel like there’s nothing really new or interesting left to learn about you.But if you don’t answer the questions thoughtfully, or you withhold basic information about your age and interests, men may feel like there’s enough to spark their interest.Online, you need to be more discerning about the information you provide, knowing that people are viewing your profile without any of the verbal communication cues available in person.

A self-deprecating comment you may make flippantly to someone you’ve just met at a party might be received very differently when read in the context of an online dating profile.Here are a few examples of the ways in which things women say can be misunderstood or misinterpreted by men, and another way to articulate the same thought in a way which won’t scare men off: You say: It’s so hard to meet a nice guy these days.He hears: I’m very picky and I find fault in most of the people I comes across as negative, a little bitter, and like someone who’s less than excited about life.Leave your heartbreak and anger for therapy – focus on being positive and talking about the best aspects of yourself. not enough It’s important to identify the fine line between revealing too much information about yourself and not revealing enough.Topics to avoid In the same way you’d steer clear of certain subjects in the context of a dinner-party conversation with a stranger, there are certain topics you’ll want to avoid when creating your dating profile.

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