How to do sex what is sex info in marathi

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How to do sex what is sex info in marathi

A University of Texas study showed that women who had 20 minutes of cardio were more aroused by seeing an erotic film than those who had not exercised.7 PM When it's time to unwind after a stressful day, even putting on music can affect sex hormone levels.

They also reported having 30 per cent more sex and 26 per cent more orgasms.The tests were given two weeks before they saw their partners, the day before, before sex, the day after sex and three days after the pair were separated.The women's testosterone levels hit their peak the day before they were due to see their partners again.Women also make testosterone -the main sex drive hormone -but produce a fraction of the amount and it rises by only a tiny bit overnight.It is also kept in balance by oestrogen and progesterone.But it's his nervous system and not his hormones that kick into action.

The sight of someone attractive immediately releases feel-good brain neurotransmitters called endorphins -and triggers blood flow to a man's genitals. However, when confronted with a sexy person, a man who already has higher testosterone levels is likely to be more flirtatious.Instead, studies have found that a woman's testosterone levels are more likely to be boosted by the anticipation of sex with her own partner.In one study by the University of Texas, women in long-distance relationships gave five saliva samples.8 PM If an important match is on TV, the results can also affect a man's testosterone.According to a study of saliva tests by the University of Utah, sports fans watching a World Cup game boosted hormone levels by about 20 per cent if their team won.5 AM Even before a man wakes up, his testosterone levels are at their peak -between 25-50 per cent more than at any other time of the day.

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