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The first clue that dating services aren't always effective: They don't offer any guarantee, and they won't refund people's money if they don't find their soul mate, said Bernardo Carducci, psychology professor and director of the Shyness Research Institute at Indiana University-Southeast.Commercials for some dating websites even give a realistic picture of the odds.

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It also takes a lot of courage to approach someone in public.

The industry also has garnered a little free publicity with the help of popular TV shows, such as Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker.""People are more and more aware of it as a resource," said Clampitt. It's been a very, very healthy industry."The rules Matchmakers, of course, argue that their services are more effective than other dating methods.

They personally screen their clients, so it's impossible for people to lie about their age or physical appearance, an oft-parodied danger of online dating.

Fader had tried online dating for several months without much luck.

Hampton said she hadn't really tried to date, and she didn't want to sign up for online dating. Some experts say dating services aren't any better than meeting people organically.

"They want to outsource finding love."Meeting others organically allows people to get to know prospective mates for who they are, not the more scripted -- and sometimes fake -- versions they create on dating profiles or in interviews.

Clampitt said she believes that a matchmaker is more effective than trying to meet someone in person.

But Clampitt, a matchmaker herself, co-founded the institute in 2003 to set ethical standards for matchmakers and teach them how to run their businesses."You have to have a strategy to establish success, otherwise you're going to be taking money and going under," she said. You're not working with products here, you're working with people's love lives.

There's nothing more fragile."Like any other industry, matchmaking requires training so that people can learn the trade.

They say that one in five relationships begins online, he said, so that means the other 80% start by other means.

The "old-fashioned way" is still the best strategy for meeting people, said Carducci, who has run his own dating classes."I know that's not the kind of stuff people want to hear," he said.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Personal matchmakers' share of singles' hearts has grown considerably over the last few years. INDIANAPOLIS -- Personal matchmakers' share of singles' hearts -- and wallets -- has grown considerably over the last few years.

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