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—Eileen Giangregorio • When my Boston Terrier, Stella, was a puppy, she was so gassy she could clear out a room.

—Name withheld by request • My little dog, Buddy, a gentle Pomeranian whom I unfortunately lost last month, was in the basement with me while a man was repairing my dryer.

” I looked down and noticed that stuck to Buddy’s paw was a pantyliner that must have made its way through the wash.

To make matters worse, Buddy chose that moment to use his “wave” trick at the repairman.

Herewith, some of the funniest, most mortifying stories of the bunch. • I was walking my Dalmatian, Parker, down the sidewalk of a posh shopping area in Portland, Oregon, filled with lots of people out for a day of shopping.

Parker was always looking for something to grab off the ground and once he had it, there was no letting go. ” Once I finally did get it out of his mouth, I couldn’t exactly carry it around until I found a trash can, so I threw it into a parking lot and we hurried away in shame. —Jason Petre • It was a snowy weekend and the dogs were restless because they had not been able to go out and play in a few days.

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On this day, he found a very anatomically correct, um, adult toy. There I was on the sidewalk trying to wrestle this thing away from him and his clenched jaws as he growled and curious onlookers observed in horror—“Drop it!! My husband had a bunch of his friends over for a football game when all the attention was drawn to my two Miniature Pinschers, Tiny and Misty.

They were having a noisy game of tug-of-war when I laughingly looked down and saw they had grabbed my bra out of the laundry basket!

Instead, her little ears perked up as she started sniffing the air.

I watched in horror as Stella excitedly sniffed out the true source of the odour—one of my guests!

There were half-dry clothes hanging all around from when my dryer quit.

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    The song also appeared on the movie soundtracks for “Barbershop 2: Back in Business” and “A Cinderella Story.” 1.