International date line dating

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International date line dating

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These are areas where nations and islands called for the line to be drawn differently.

In order to cross it, you must pass through the ring of fire.

The ring of fire is quite large, but can pose a danger to aircraft traveling through it, though not as bad as the Bermuda triangle.

At any given time, the sun is shining on some part of the earth.

In fact, if you left your home at noon and ran westward at over 1000mph, you would outrun the sun and it would seemingly never set.

The airline was running a sale on last-minute tickets at the time.

The owner of the airline later commented that he wished he could go back in time and increase the ticket price for that historic flight.

Inhabitants of the isolated ocean islands that straddle the Line do not age.

Like all international borders, the Line falls under the control of the Department of Imposts and Tithes of the United Spades of Amerika.

Free 5-day trial There is a line on Earth that causes you to change days when you cross it.

This lesson will explain what the International Date Line is, how it affects the time zones on either side, and the history of how we decided on it.

Did you know there is a place on Earth where you can go back in time?