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Intj istj dating - updating facebook via sms

They don’t play favorites, which means they don’t unfairly punish people either.

The fact that they won’t negotiate their standards makes them the most fair minded of all the types.

They don’t have many people in their inner circle, but for those that are there, they are fiercely loyal.

They generally try to consider everyone’s point of view, even if they sometimes lack the social prowess to do so effectively.

Where an INTP will question everything to see who has the answers and how every thing works together so they can manipulate the system, and an INTJ will tolerate a certain degree unnecessary bureaucracy in the name of ultimate pragmatism but disregard superfluous, inefficient systems that exist solely for the sake of micromanagement, an ISTJ will side with whoever has the most clearly defined and organized structure. If a problem arises and they don’t have a set of guidelines to follow to fix the problem, they may panic or simply defer the issue to someone they consider to be of higher status (this could be at work, among the family, or within their social group.

ISTJs have clearly defined power hierarchies in place for every situation.) Nothing can stress an ISTJ out faster than an unforeseen complication making them late for another commitment.

If they are particularly fond of a quote, song, or book, it’s because of it is said.

If they stand in awe at the sight of the Grand Canyon, it’s because they’re impressed by the sheer amount of geological activity that had to have taken place to create such a thing, not because they are suddenly struck by how insignificant they are in this big, beautiful universe.In my experience, their sense of humor is also pretty awkward and they may miss language-based jokes (e.g.puns, innuendos, or double entendres,) but that’s not necessarily true across the board.ISTJs rely on structure to make sense of the world.If they were in Star Wars, they would be for the Empire, because rebellion is chaos and the world needs order.They are not prone to being irrationally emotional and won’t get their feelings hurt unless they feel like they’ve been betrayed, exploited, or unfairly attacked.

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