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They did not initially advise the Parish Council why they wanted to hire the hall.

You start with 12 points on your licence and then points are deducted for traffic offences until you have no points and lose your licence - in a way this is more logical. our Monarch is pronounced Mon-Ark and many place names are pronounced phonetically as they are spelt Launceston, Norfolk etc, as is Anthony.lengthy discussions were held at the end of which it was agreed that the Charity would make a donation to the Parish Council towards this refurbishment this joint working together has enabled the work to go ahead and be completed.- this was planned to run at the Hammond Hall in July as per last year (which was very successful) but unfortunately I have to report that the event was unable to go ahead due to the lack of interest shown by our clubs, societies and interest groups my thanks goes to Roger Hales for trying to organise what could have been an extremely successful and enjoyable event.- the Charity has also been able to look at the possibility of Bassingham forming its own Website.This is work in progress and is dependent on the input of our organisations/representatives/villagers and the Parish Council for their contributions.This would be a factory that receives lorries loaded with dead animals and waste products (many tonnes per day) and turns these into products like pet food or fertilisers.

They have confirmed that this will include Category 1 waste, which is carcasses infected with dangerous communicable diseases such as TSE, BSE (mad cow disease) and so on.The AGM for the above charity was held on Monday 2nd October and it was agreed for the Chairman's report to be printed in this months Witham Staple to inform residents of the Charity's activities during the past year.I must start by saying I cant believe that 12 months has passed since we last held our AGM.Any support from the local community would be very gratefully received.Last week, a few properties received a letter from a firm called Lincoln Proteins Limited advising that they intend to submit a planning application for a new animal by products processing plant at Villa Farm, Folly Lane, Norton Disney.The Witham Staple is mandated to reflect what is happening in our Lincolnshire community (i.e.