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Is dwight deon dating tara oram

Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014 John Jay College of Criminal Justice 1997 1 Leadership Conference John Jay College of Criminal Justice Leadership Conference September 20-22, 1996 Location: Tamiment Resort and Conference Center Tamiment, Pennsylvania Conference Schedule September 20 (Friday) Departure from College Arrival at Conference Center (bags will be stored until check-in time) First Session Getting To Know You (Dean Best) (check-in time will be announced) Lunch Second Session Opening Remarks (Hank Smit, Dean of Student Activities and Campus Life) A Financial Overview of John Jay Col- lege (Robert Sermier, Director of Financial Affairs and Planning) The Student Activities Association Funds and Budgeting (Dean Saulnier) Refreshments Student Activities Business Office James Middleton Reception Dinner Third Session September 21 (Saturday) Breakfast Greetings President Lynch, Provost Wilson, V. Witherspoon, President Charles Administrators Panel Discussion Part I (President Lunch, Provost Wilson, V. Witherspoon) Refreshment Administrators Panel Part II Lunch Fourth Session Student to Student Forum I — General Session (Victor Charles, President) Committee Meetings (Dean Smit, De- an Best, Dean Ortiz) Recreation Dinner Fifth Session September 22 (Sunday) - Breakfast - Student to Student Forum I — General Sessiosn (Victor Charles, President) Committee Meetings (Dean Smit, De- an Best, Dean Ortiz) Refreshments Closing Remarks (Victor Charles, President) Hotel Check-out Return to John Jay College - - - - Student To Student Concerns Smok zjoim. i "I'PII Hi Dear Graduate of 1997: Commencement is a time for heartfelt congratulations and noble advice.

Lo ^Aluesixo Kat Ry "La Tuna" # 1 M«be Ji Muwio, l Uis fe 4/U! /^- Jws Jmimess Hv/eefe AI&5 AWAREUES5 KEEK X SPONSORED BY THE COAAITTEE FOR INDIVIDUALS VI IK PISAJILITir S " -17 STUDEWr COUMCl L A Message, to ifose we. r guess He don't." JUAOJl S soy tfcs pictu Ae instead . John Jay College of Criminal Justice is one of the specialized colleges devoted to the professionalization of the multifaceted :riminal justice system and to those who work in the public sector.

6 I did J "A/lost Co KCe Jmed Sewox" "Senions 1997" "Hoy 01 Gttl? I am confident your new degree will help you to deal with these complex issues and find new solutions to improve our society.

The challenges facing the criminal justice system today are enormous.

Your John Jay College experience gave you opportunities to strengthen your weaknesses, to discover interests and talents you may not have been aware of, as well as bring into focus the potential for a productive and rewarding future. " My advice is simply to urge you to win that race.

Take this time to recognize your ac- complishments. Whatever you choose to do in your life, do it well and with great compassion. Vice President for Student Development To the graduating class of 1997, I congratulate you and offer my sincere best wishes for your future success.

Your family, friends, professors and College administrators feel we each have made personal commitments to your success here at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, as well as to your future achievements in the world at large.

It is now time for you to step out and make a difference, to make your contributions to your community and share the skills and the wisdom you have gained as a college graduate. Your perseverance and determination have now been realized. JOHN JAY COLLEGE 1996-97 WOMEN'S \OLLEY BALL ROSTER #H. The next phase of your life will be just as challenging as your academic career. Gold Athletic Trainer — Helaine Cigal Nickname — Bloodhounds Quinones. Use your creativity, intelligence, and passion to bring about a new world, a world that brings excellence and caring to human endeavor. Your professors, classmates and those who will follow in your footsteps will always be a resource to you. You have achieved one of the important goals in your life and should )e proud of your efforts. It is my wish that you maintain the ties you have made here and remain a vital member of the John Jay community as an alumnus. It is a proud and joyous achievement that we celebrate. With this accomplishment comes, also, a 'esponsibility to continue to grow in learning and understanding, to Work to the full extent of your energies and intelligence, and to give vhat you can to help those less fortunate than you. Indeed, your future will always reflect the impressions your years at John Jay College have made.

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