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To them, it is clear that to entertain their oppressors at this point in time shows indifference to their suffering and helps perpetuate it.Every international artist who plays in Israel serves as a propaganda tool for the Israeli government.

Concern’s Kieran Mc Conville talks to Stuart Clark about the horrors they’ve experienced, and the worsening refugee crisis in neighbouring Bangladesh.Sing The Flight Of The Conchords tour to Dublin’s 3Arena this March.Read More A year-long hiatus led to the renaissance of ELM, one of the freshest talents on the Irish music scene.Any statement that you might wish to make on stage would be overshadowed by the fact that you would be crossing an international picket line established by the vast majority of civil society organizations in Palestine.On the other hand, if you decided not to play, it would send a strong message to the Israeli government that their racist policies and grave violations of Palestinian human rights will not be normalized.It would also send a message to the people of Palestine that you’re with them in their struggle in a very real way.

Israel is increasingly notorious for being a place that forward-thinking artists who care about equality and freedom want little to do with.Please reconsider violating the Palestinian call for boycott.We remain at the ready to talk to you about any questions or concerns that you may have, and continue to welcome a conversation with you.It is our understanding that the public appeal urging you to respect the Palestinian picket line and cancel this concert was published only after a private appeal went unanswered.Likewise, we will only publish a public letter if we are unable to engage with you in private.Peter Mc Goran speaks to British journalist Aine Doris, who has lived and worked in Barcelona for the past 15 years.

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