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Its biggest competitors include Whats App, Kakao Talk, We Chat and Kik.Line’s reported revenue of $656 million in 2014 comes from a range of sources: “In Japan, young people often swap Line IDs like only a few years ago they’d swap email addresses or phone numbers,” says Brian Ashcraft, an Osaka-based correspondent for gaming site Kotaku.

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Photo by: Eston Bond One reason why Facebook gained popularity was due to the Japanese release of the film, The Social Network, in 2011.We Speke is the social network to learn and practice German online for free with native German speakers.Find German practice partners for German language exchanges or tandems in our large global community.Photo by: Jon Russell According to a new study, half of all social network users in Japan use Twitter, and e Marketer expects 26 million people to be on the social media network in Japan in 2015, representing 20.5 percent of the Japanese population.Twitter usage is expect to continue to rise in Japan, with a predicted 30.1 million users in 2018.With the rise and fall of original Japanese social media giant Mixi (now overtaken by Facebook in the number of users), the social space in Japan has changed a lot in the past few years.

Research by What Japan Thinks cites the globalness of Facebook as the top reason why Japanese people like to use it.

However, traditional social networking sites aside, Line is where the present is at for social networking in Japan.

The mobile messaging app has 560 million registered users and 170 million monthly active users.

In terms of social media use (below), there are almost as many account access via mobile (22M) as the total number of active social media accounts, which is over 90% of all social media usage.

This means that the majority of people who use social media use it on mobile as well as desktop.

Photo by: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid There are many reasons as to why Twitter was able to take off in Japan.

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