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Noel assumes that Aria's moping is because she is not over a supposed boy that she had been seriously dating in Iceland.

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Later, at Camp Mona, Aria sneaks off to meet Ezra in his car, when someone spots them and writes "I SEE YOU" on his car window.During Season 2, he dated Mona, but later broke up with her and then started dating Jenna.It is unclear if they broke up, but it has been implied that they have.Noel was also the prime suspect for Uber A, especially for Hanna, as it was later discovered he helped Charlotte in the dollhouse.He was killed while fighting Hanna and Emily, as he tripped on his own axe and accidently decapitated himself.In Season 7, Noel Kahn returned to Rosewood to team up with Jenna Marshall and Sara Harvey.

Alison also revealed how she blackmailed Noel: It turns out he pushed a girl down the stairs when he was drunk.

Noel has an older brother, Eric Kahn, whom he follows in his footsteps by throwing parties.

He is also described as brainy and immature by Alison.

Aria accepts the date, even though she is distracted by her home situation and Ezra being missing, because Hanna reminds Aria how she used to have a crush on Noel.

They have an awkward date, but eventually warm up to each other. In a flashback, we see Alison teasin Aria about her long-standing crush on Noel.

Noel is seen hanging out with his sunbathing girlfriend, Prudence.