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Fotoula was simply marrying outside her ethnic background.Jess is shattering every notion her family has about women in society. In Greek Wedding, Fotoula's father does the humorous, 'apples and oranges' speech at her wedding. In Beckham, Jess's father allows her to go to her final soccer game during her sister's wedding.

A feel good movie of the very best kind, Bend It Like Beckham is irresistibly charming.

But what her family indulged as a harmless past time, they begin to object to as it threatens to consume her life.

Willing to do anything to keep playing, Jess invents a summer job so she can sneak off and continue playing.

Jess bonds with her teammates in a montage to a song, Jess goes shopping for soccer shoes in a montage to a song, Jess goes to the big game in a montage to a song.

I can appreciate Blondie's ' Atomic' as much as the next guy, and I liked the infectious dance beat of ' Kuria Punjab Diya', but these numerous musical interludes slow the movie down too much.

During the summer before she goes off to university, nothing is more important to Jess than football.

Not even her sister's upcoming wedding, which is the focus of the rest of her family's attention.Both have female leads that step away from their family's desires in order to make themselves happy.In Beckham, Jess has a much harder time defying her family than Fotoula does in Greek Wedding.And inevitably Jess's family discovers what she's been doing and try to keep her out of the big game.But like all great movies, it doesn't matter if you know how it's going to end, because the journey is its own reward.She spends all her spare time playing it in the park with friends.