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Kim zolciak is dating - custom dating

People seem to dislike Zolciak because of her love of money and her history of dating men with money.But, the RHOA series, and the entire Bravo TV "Housewives" franchise is all about women who love money.

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“You know, your husband or your wife, they’re not mind readers. Zolciak, who is a fixture on social media, admits she sometimes forgets to live in the moment and not through her phone. Theorem to the situation: [Off-season reality star records music kissing girls = publicity! Finally, after denying it for weeks, Zolciak has confirmed that she is, in fact, in a relationship with Tracy Young, the DJ who mixed “Tardy.”On a Bravo Watch What Happens Live segment earlier this month, Andy Cohen told Zolciak that he’d “heard [she’d] been swimming around in lady ponds,” which rightfully confused her, because what? So he pressed on and asked her if she was “opening [herself] up to ladies.”Zolciak told Cohen that she’d never been with a woman, and that the rumors were just fun and games.He went from “Are you dating or have you ever dated Kim Zolciak? ” to “Why didn’t you address the rumors on your Twitter or Facebook as soon as the story broke on March 1?“There were sparks, but [physically] it was a gradual situation. Kim Zolciak credits two things with keeping her marriage rock solid: sex and communication.“That’s definitely not my strong point,” she noted.

“So, I’m consistently and constantly working on that.

We all know that the whole "dating a married man" thing is not cool at all, but she eventually closed that chapter and she moved on with her life.

Certainly, we have all done some things in our past that we are not too proud of, and hopefully Zolciak will look back on this act and realize her mistake. but not before getting knocked up by the young star athlete.

Around the time that Real Housewife Kim Zolciak‘s epically-named “Tardy for the Party” album was getting ready to drop, rumors began to surface that she was switch-hitting for the lezzies. A couple of weeks later, Young sat down with The Advocate to answer questions about Zolciak in an interview that got increasingly awkward (and awesome) as Brandon Voss tried to get a real answer out of her.

Zolciak and Young, on time for their own party, probably.

"You deserve some discipline for what you did to Kandi!