Konata lzumi dating sim

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Konata lzumi dating sim

Her mother, Kanata Izumi, died when she was an infant, and she has lived alone with her father since.Both of her voice actresses for the animated version, Aya Hirano for the Japanese version and Wendee Lee for the English version, are in fact the same people who voiced Haruhi Suzumiya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime; other voice actors from the same series make guest appearances during the course of Lucky Star.

She is in a different class than Konata Izumi and Tsukasa, but she frequently comes to their class during lunch time to eat with Tsukasa.Both often depend on Kagami for help on her homework, but their reasons are different: Tsukasa easily forgets her assignments, while Konata is just too lazy or preoccupied with her hobbies to do them herself.Tsukasa's physique is completely petite, unlike her sister.She is ambidextrous, in contrast to the mostly left-handed main cast.She has long, blue hair which comes down to her calves with a large ahoge, sleepy eyes, a catlike smile and a beauty mark under her left eye, just like her father.She's still average, being slightly taller than Konata.

Like her twin and Konata, she is one of the most flat chested characters in the series., she is an eccentric but friendly and outgoing tomboy, with a mischievous yet good-natured sense of humor.She is the leader of the Lucky Star crew, and is the main protagonist.Konata placed seventh in 2channel's Sai Moe 2007 contest, came in second place in the category of "Best Female Character" in the thirtieth Anime Grand Prix, and ranked third in Newtype's "Top 10 Female Characters of 2007" poll.Additionally, Konata placed first in a poll for flat-chested girls on the Anime One website.She is smart, but doesn't apply herself to studying, In contrast to her studying habits, she loves playing video games.

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