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Does your decorating style lean toward the feminine side? I kind of like it, especially the pale yellow refrigerator. I think a big white farmhouse sink would look great in this kitchen.

“He’ll be spending time with Lindsay, out and about. He’s enjoying spending time with her.” During their weekend getaway to the Northeast, Affleck, 44, and Shookus, 37, stopped by the liquor section of The Umbrella Factory supermarket in Naples, Maine.“They bought two bottles of Whispering Angel rosé and a Skinnygirl margarita,” an employee tells Us. He just seemed like everyone else who came into the store.” The Gone Girl actor announced on Facebook in March that he had completed treatment for alcohol addiction.Though it is unclear for whom he and the Saturday Night Live producer were purchasing the drinks, the source tells Us that Affleck “is taking the utmost care of himself and working on himself continuously.” “Since his last round of rehab, he has learned what works for him in terms of living a happy and healthy life,” the insider adds.“He’s trying to live a normal life and is focused on putting his family first.” A source close to the Batman actor previously told Us that he has been “casually dating” Shookus since April.Another insider claimed that the couple began hooking up about three years ago, when he was still married to Garner, 45, and Shookus was wed to fellow producer Kevin Miller. very adorable, would look like 1845 except, of course, for the wires. You will just have to see them without me pointing them out.

Love the blue door with the little “lights” over the top, the trellis’s on both sides, the criss-cross windows with the reflections in them, the glassed-in porch, the big ole tree .

The rug looks like it could have come from the beautiful “frozen in time” Parisian apartment we toured a few days ago. This would be a great girlfriend retreat, wouldn’t it?

Can you imagine how beautiful this must be in person.

so here I am, your own private tour guide, just in cases you’ve ever wanted to see Maine, which I have to say is a destination that could keep a person enthralled for a very long time. Happy, as always, Joe and I travel better than almost any other thing we do. We traveled north on Sunday, look at everyone going back home after the weekend ~ which was nice, because the rest of our trip was pretty much traffic free! We will stop there on the way back, we’ll be there in the middle of the week and have it all to ourselves. 💓 The next days we went over the river to walk through the old neighborhoods to take pictures of houses because we love New England architecture so much . It never seems to get automatic, I have to 🤔 Porches and bird feeders .

This was my view from the sofa on our first morning where I was sitting drinking my tea and writing back to all the lovely comments you left on my last post, thank you so much! walking along, kicking up leaves, listening to the birds and the wind in the trees . .🍂 This was the street we (too many wires but don’t tell anyone I said that), filled with leafy shadows and the ghosts of days gone by . I wish when they said 18th century, they meant 1800s, because I am never-endingly confused by hearing 18th century, then immediately having to re-compute weak brain to 1700s. and porch ceilings painted traditional blue like the sky .

Don’t blink or you will miss it, and for sure, you don’t want to miss it.

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