Mexican dating beliefs

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Leaving the patient alone, which in the North American culture might be considered as respecting the patient's right to privacy and quiet time for a speedy recovery, would cause the Hispanic patient to feel abandoned, which could be detrimental for recovery.In the Hispanic culture, proximity is equated with closeness in relationships. Hispanics, in general, prefer to live close to family, thus allowing for daily contact either in person or by telephone.

Since interdependence is a value, being dependent on someone is considered a positive trait and is not seen as a sign of weakness.

It is interpreted as a characteristic of the arrogant, distant and cold.

People are expected to be involved with the rest of the extended family, neighbors and friends. This emotional support is manifested in many different ways.

Sharing successes/failures and receiving the emotional support from family and friends is a necessity.

Religion plays an important part in shaping the behavior of people. Since tomorrow is not in their hands, they live today to the fullest.

In most instances, when a Hispanic is hospitalized, the family and close friends are expected to be at the patient's bedside.

Friends and relatives take turns staying at the hospital to ensure that there is always someone with the patient.

If people are not occupied by others, they consider themselves ignored, not needed, thus not important, which in turn affects their self-esteem.

In the Hispanic culture, grandparents perform a very important role in the family structure.

Many cultural aspects of a group are rooted in their early religious beliefs. They take advantage of the here and now; now is more important than later.

Thus the Hispanic concept of time is very different from that of cultures whose life orientation is towards the future.

Visiting or working in a multicultural setting requires knowledge about similarities and differences in cultural perspectives.

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