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Dr Geoffrey Kantaris , 1998 University of Cambridge I approach the theme of vampires and the living dead in cinema with some trepidation, not only because it's the right time of year for them to be popping out of their coffins and peeping invisibly into our mirrors, but also because I know that this is a theme with a long history in cultures in which I have little expertise.

What better way to prepare children for their future role as televisually mediated subjects, their bodies organically interfaced with the visual information economy?

A New York Times report described the story of Justin Berry, a 13-year-old boy who, after hooking up his webcam and listing himself on an online forum in order to make friends, was propositioned by older men to strip and masturbate on camera.

CNN referred to him as "in the language of cyberspace... He started his own paysite, prostituted himself, sold video recordings of his encounters with Mexican prostitutes, and helped hire other underage models.

According to the plea agreement, Esthela Clark paid so-called “coyotes” about ,000 to smuggle the woman from Guadalajara to the United States in December 2012 so she could serve as as a pregnancy surrogate.

There, Clark assured the woman that the surrogacy would be medically supervised but instead forced her into domestic labor as she was physically and psychologically abused, prosecutors said.

But I want to situate my paper somewhere between the gendered dolls of yesteryear and the hybridized cyborgs of today, with a few vampires thrown in the middle.

My title, then, refers to the spatio-temporal breach where dolls, vampires, and cyborgs can co-exist across the violently foreclosed historical narratives that might otherwise separate them.

I am particularly fascinated by what happens when the late-modern themes of dolls, mannequins, vampires, and the undead, in the nightmare of the metropolis, encounter the postmodern theme of the cyborg or "cybernetic organism".

Of course the staging, quite literally, of such an encounter is already prefigured in that quintessentially modernist cinematic text, Metropolisof 1926.

Commissions earned by camgirls vary widely by paysite, but are typically in the form of a flat fee, sometimes known as a "bounty", or based on a percentage of gross sales for every customer who signs up to a site.

as the use of the word "whore" is widely considered pejorative.

Cyborgs are no mere fantasy science-fiction images, although science fiction is often itself the best guide to popular anxieties about globalization, difference, and high technology.

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