New dating of nativity and crucifixion

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Themes: Easter; Looking to people and material items to fulfill things that only Jesus was meant to fill; the idea that all we really need is Jesus in our life; Jesus fulfills and completes us & is the only one who can Themes: Father's Day; parenting mistakes; looking towards the future; relationships between children and their fathers; expectations for your children; correcting past mistakes; accepting your children for who they are Themes: Lies vs.

When read all together in sequence, it tells the story of Christ’s resurrection. Instead of a regular Easter basket, put together a Jesus basket.It would also make a beautiful centerpiece for the table.Nativity sets are super popular at Christmas, but I love the idea of letting the kids make their own resurrection set at Easter.It’s filled with meaningful Easter conversation cards and fun activity cards for 14 days of Easter traditions.We’ve fallen in love with the results and we hope you do too! Free printable pack to make your own resurrection basket! 😉NOTE: For more details on each idea, just click the colored title next to the number.

And I can’t think of anything that I want to teach my children about more than our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have a couple of favorites that I’m sure will become regular family traditions, but I love that I’ll be able to come back to this every year and pick out a couple of new ideas to try. Most of my favorite childhood memories have to do with family traditions.

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to What did I tell you? When you re-create the same memory together every year it not only brings your family closer together, but also teaches your children that it’s important to you.

Each place setting has a printable napkin ring with a piece of the resurrection story on it.

Everyone reads their part before saying dinner prayers.

A free printable Easter Bingo card with different picture symbols.