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It may safely be said, however, that the Japanese had misidentified their opponents, since there were no Spitfires in Australia at that time.Meanwhile, on March 8, Japanese forces had landed in northeastern New Guinea and captured Lae and Salamaua.

One of his comrades in arms, Saburo Sakai, wrote that ‘one felt the man should be in a hospital bed.

His aerobatics were all at once breathtaking, brilliant, totally unpredictable, impossible, and heart-stirring to witness.’ He also had the hunter’s eye, capable of spotting enemy aircraft before his comrades knew there was anything else in the sky.

Even when a new generation of American aircraft was wresting the Pacific sky from the Japanese, many were convinced that as long as he was at the controls of his Zero, Nishizawa was invincible. Hiroyoshi Nishizawa was born on January 27, 1920, in a mountain village in the Nagano prefecture, the fifth son of Shuzoji and Miyoshi Nishizawa. After graduating from higher elementary school, Hiroyoshi worked for a time in a textile factory.

They were equipped with 13 obsolescent Mitsubishi A5M fighters bequeathed to them by the Tainan and 3rd kokutais (which had re-equipped with the new A6M2 Zeros).

The detachment got its first three Zeros on January 25. Hemsworth, managed to nurse his crippled plane back to Port Moresby on the remaining engine, while his gunner, Sergeant Douglas Dick, claimed an enemy fighter that was later counted as a probable.

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6/12/2006 • Aviation History Many leading fighter pilots of World War II, such as Germany’s Erich Hartmann, Russia’s Ivan Kozhedub and America’s Richard Bong, looked as if they had been born for the honor.He was tall and lanky for a Japanese, nearly five feet eight inches in height.He had a gaunt look about him; he weighed only 140 pounds, and his ribs protruded sharply through his skin.’ Although Nishizawa was accomplished in both judo and sumo, Sakai noted that his comrade’suffered almost constantly from malaria and tropical skin disease.Nishizawa was flying an A5M over Rabaul on February 3 when he and eight comrades encountered two Consolidated Catalina I flying boats of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) that were operating from the Allied sea and air base at Port Moresby, New Guinea. Nishizawa, on the other hand, was credited with the Catalina as his first victory.One of the Catalinas evaded the Japanese, but Nishizawa attacked the other and disabled one of its engines. Rabaul was attacked by small groups of Allied bombers throughout February.Nishizawa’s next claim was a Supermarine Spitfire over Port Moresby on March 24.