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We understand that will entail differing viewpoints. Somewhere along the way, economics ceased being the activity by which mankind provides for its material needs and became a creature existing of its own right.

Belloc and Chesterton defined Distributism, but they did not invent something new in the process.The Church does not espouse an economic philosophy.Rather, she proposes the principles which the faithful are invited to use in order to engage in the social mission.Capitalism seeks profit above all else, whereas Distributism seeks individual freedom in providing for man's material needs. Socialism sets itself apart from Distributism in its conception of the role of government; the nature, dignity and destiny of man; the right to private ownership and the status of economic freedom as a good in and of itself.Distributism does not support the unbridled competition of dog-eat-dog capitalism, nor does it support the managed economy of socialist systems. Perhaps these examples will help answer that question.Being a social science - concerned with human behavior - economics must be enlightened by the moral teaching of the Catholic Church or run the risk of becoming dehumanized.

The Magisterium of the Catholic Church has outlined several principles upon which economic systems find their surest footing while safeguarding the dignity of man.Conversely, any time and in any place where higher and more centralized forms of government deny the right to private ownership of the means of production - whether land, tools, capital or resources - Distributism and therefore distributive justice, subsidiarity and individual freedoms are under attack. Distributism gets its name from distributive justice.Therefore, what Distributists seek is equal protection under the law for all citizens regardless of class or any other qualifier.Clearly, defending and protecting the right of ownership is incompatible with the unjust redistribution of another man's property. Distributism is founded upon principles at odds with those upon which capitalism is founded. Distributism is against the paying of interest on non-productive loans.Capitalism differs with Distributism, most fundamentally, in its concept of the purpose of economic activity itself.Distributism supports freedom, cooperation and subsidiarity. A man I know owns the means of producing a livelihood for his family. He sells the work of his hands and supports his family in the process.

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