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Constantine had chosen this city as the new capital of the Roman Empire, but owing to his wars and the needs of the State, he rarely resided there. Constantius, Julian, Jovian, and Valens are found more habitually on the Danube or the Euphrates than on the Bosporus; they reside more regularly in Antioch than in New Rome.

There are about 600,000 Turks or other Mussulmans ; the remainder include, in order of numerical importance, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, and foreigners of various nationalities.

It was soon filled with sumptuous edifices like those of Rome ; like the latter it was situated on seven hills and divided into fourteen regions; in the matter of privileges also it was similar to Rome.

Among the new public buildings were a senate house, forums, a capitol, circuses, porticoes, many churches (particularly that of the Holy Apostles destined to be the burial-place of the emperors).

Andrew having been chosen an Apostle by Jesus before his brother St. The first historically known Bishop of Byzantium is St.

Metrophanes (306-314), though the see had perhaps been occupied during the third century.

The Bosporus separates Europe from Asia ; it is about eighteen miles long and varies in width from about half a mile to a mile and a half.

The Golden Horn separates Stamboul from Galata and Pera, extends inland for about four and one-half miles and ends abruptly at the Valley of the Sweet Waters beyond Eyoub.The most beautiful statues of antiquity were gathered from various parts of the empire to adorn its public places.In general the other cities of the Roman world were stripped to embellish the "New Rome ", destined henceforth to surpass them all in greatness and magnificence.(Greek Konstantinoupolis ; city of Constantine) Capital, formerly of the Byzantine, now of the Ottoman, Empire.Constantinople occupies one of the most beautiful and advantageous sites in the world, uniting as it does Europe with Asia and putting in communication the Black Sea and all Southern Russia with the greater part of Europe and Asia, and even with distant America.Later on, the Roman emperors entrusted the government of the city to prætors, at once civil and military magistrates, who maintained, however, the earlier democratic forms of government.