Parker vacumatic dating

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Additional varieties were introduced: burgundy (red and black pearl); Moderne green and pearl (green lined pearl); and finally, green and black pearl (black lined green pearl).But by the early 1930s the Duofold’s design was viewed by the manufacturer as rather outmoded.

Duofolds remained popular in Europe, being produced well into the 1960s in varying sizes and shades, and were revived in the 1980s as Parker's flagship offering once more.

The paper label is marked in part Carter's New Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink Travelers Case. View full product details Round crystal base with alternating panels of cut leaf and dual pyramids (see photos). Hinged sterling silver lid with engraved monogram that I...

View full product details This inkwell is attributed to the Pairpoint or possibly the Mount Washington Glass Company of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

This pen is in very nice condition with no cracks, personalization, or deep scratches. View full product details A beautiful sterling silver dip pen with curved lines and a tapered end the gracefully wraps back around the barrel,the design and lines of a buggy whip, which also conveniently...

User Guides Parker Button Filling System How to fill your early Parker Duofold or any other button filler Parker Duofold Flat-Top Nibs - Plain or Arrow?

It was made of a showy bright red hard rubber and expensively priced at .00, equivalent to in 2016.

The original full-sized Duofold was soon joined by the smaller Duofold Junior, Duofold Special, and Lady Duofold.

Dating from the end of the 19th Century is has a colorless...

View full product details This is the relatively rare Parker geometric Duofold or as nicknamed, Toothbrush after the pattern on it.

Matching pencils would come with either clip or ring, depending on the pen selected.

The pen was available only in black and red hard rubber until 1926, when Parker introduced the “unbreakable Permanite” Duofold (Permanite was Parker’s trade name for a plastic manufactured by Du Pont).

This pen is identical in construction to the Duofold - eventually, Parker included Jade as part of the Duofold line.