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Game Zone awarded the game 4 out of 10, stating that the game was either "boring, frustrating, just plain unfun, or some combination of all three." Field Trip Fiasco is about Zoey and her friends taking a field trip to a park.

Production of complete file programme from the smallest watchmakers file to the largest square file (over 45 cm in length), start of the manufacture of additional special tools, butcher knives and cleavers. Just as Chase is proposing to his current girlfriend Alyssa (Jamie Snow), Michael storms in and informs him of what Zoey said on her DVD from "Time Capsule".The DVD reveals that Zoey suspected Chase's crush on her at the time, even before she went to England, and at some point even thought about getting together with him as she considered him her soulmate, but didn't act on it until after she went to England.1893 World Exposition in Chicago, worldwide recognition of Friedr. 1989 Wilhelm Leuze, great nephew of the Kommerzienrat Paul F. As the series progresses, the group of friends grows closer together.

In the clip, it becomes apparent that Zoey and Chase have broken up and he is now seeing someone else.

Zoey 101: Music Mix is the soundtrack album for the series. The album features music of the pop and rock genres.

The theme song, by Jamie Lynn Spears wasn't included in the final official soundtrack, only the instrumental version, composed by her sister & a 3-man production team.

By June 2016, only tracks 2, 4, 9, and 10 were available on i Tunes.

A video game titled Zoey 101 was released in March 2007 for Game Boy Advance.

1988 Establishment of a distribution warehouse in Birmingham, England.

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