Pb pb dating equation

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Pb pb dating equation - absolute and relative dating ppt

Superimposed on the primary prograde metamorphic mineral assemblages of the host schist units is a distinct and extensive primary alteration halo associated, and cogenetic, with the uranium mineralisation (see Figure 3).

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Because no geologically meaningful results can be interpreted from the U-Th-Pb data at Koongarra (three uraninite grains even yield a Pb ‘age’ of 0 Ma), serious questions must be asked about the validity of the fundamental/foundational basis of the U-Th-Pb ‘dating’ method.

The outer zone of the alteration halo is most extensively developed in the semi-pelitic schists, and is manifested by the pseudomorphous replacement of biotite by chlorite, rutile and quartz, and feldspar by sericite.

Silicification has also occurred in fault planes and within the Kombolgie Formation sandstone beneath the mineralisation, particularly adjacent to the reverse fault.

The primary uranium mineralised zone in cross-section is a series of partially coalescing lenses, which together form an elongated wedge dipping at 55¡ to the southeast within the host quartz-chlorite schist unit, sub-parallel to the reverse fault.

True widths average 30 m at the top of the primary mineralised zone but taper out at about 100 m below the surface and along strike.

Similar anomalous or false isochrons are commonly obtained from U- Th-Pb data, which is hardly surprising given the common open system behaviour of the U- Th-Pb system.

Yet in the literature these problems are commonly glossed over or pushed aside, but their increasing occurrence from a variety of geological settings does seriously raise the question as to whether U-Th-Pb data ever yields any valid ‘age’ information. Because of surficial cover the geological units and outline of the mineralisation are projected to the surface from the base of weathering.

by Andrew Snelling As with other radiometric ‘dating’ methods, the U-Pb and Pb-Pb isochron methods have been questioned in the open literature, because often an excellent line of best fit between ratios obtained from a set of good cogenetic samples gives a resultant ‘isochron’ and yields a derived ‘age’ that has no geological meaning.

At the Koongarra uranium deposit, Australia, there is ample evidence of open system behaviour, or repeated migration, of U and Pb — ore textures, mineral chemistry, supergene alteration, uranium/daughter disequilibrium, and groundwater and soil geochemistry.

A 150 Ma period of weathering and erosion followed metamorphism.

A thick sequence of essentially flat-lying sandstones (the Middle Proterozoic Kombolgie Formation) was then deposited unconformably on the Archaean-Lower Proterozoic basement and metasediments.

At Koongarra subsequent reverse faulting has juxtaposed the lower Cahill Formation schists and Kombolgie Formation sandstone.

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