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The purpose of the fantrip was to have a ride on a line before the rail was torn up.

This bridge, constructed in 1922, is one of the few remaining traces of the historic Port Arthur, Duluth and Western (Pee Dee) Railway.Built by The Grand Trunk Railway (CN precursor) in 1900, it was the longest bridge in Canada in its time, with a deck measuring 346 m (1135 ft.), which is the length of 3 olympic soccer fields.The elevation at the deepest in the valley stands at 56.4 m (185 ft.), which is the equivalent of about a 15-story building.That's when it goes full speed in front of the crowd, with all bells and whistles going.Fans take pictures, video; some record the sound, others just look.This view was taken through the front cab of an RDC during a railway fantrip in the mid 70s.

Our train is about to pass through an old iron bridge at Fort Coulonge QC (west of Ottawa in Pontiac County) and will let us out on the other side while the train backs up for a runpast on the bridge.

While the bridge is off-limits to pedestrians, the area offers interpretive hiking trails as well as other winter and summer activities.

des-chute-ste-ursule/ A CN passenger train passes over this Lachine Canal in downtown Montreal, minutes before entering into Central Station/Gare Centrale where all VIA Rail trains now arrive and depart.

The Roberval Saguenay concrete bridge, probably constructed in the 1950s; when the deck of the old structure partly seen under the arch, became inadequate to support heavier loads. The advantage of this type of bridge is that it is extremely solid and requires low maintenance.

Note the very heavy and reinforced bridge abutment. The old bridge in the foreground might have been constructed as early as 1909, when the Ha! Bay Railway Company was formed; the ancestor of the present Roberval Saguenay Railway originally carried steam locomotives and possibly linked by rail with another bridge (featured on this page) in the Chicoutimi Basin, where a pulp mill operated , ferrying pulp from the Chicoutimi mill to La Baie, about 20 miles away, using among others 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive 15, featured at In 1925, Alcan opened an aluminum plant in the area, purchased the RSR and extended the track from Arvida (now Saguenay) to the deep water port at La Baie, now transporting bauxite ore.

All through the war years, the bridge supported steam locomotives and their load, till the advent of heavy road diesels, at which time the structure was probably no longer considered safe and the adjacent concrete bridge was built and is still in daily use.

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