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An operative posed as a friend of Gholamreza’s and negotiated with the minor for about P2,000 to facilitate a supposed meeting with the Australian."Then the minor together with the family, ang sabi ng mother niya, will be the one to pick up the money.

Facebook immediately closed the suspect's account and alerted the United States National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Australian Federal Police.That same day, we watched all Western Union branches in the area. Then and there, we rescued the minor together with her parents and grandmother."] Authorities found pornographic materials in the minor’s cellphone.Acio said there were more on Facebook, but the social networking site cuts an account once it carries pornographic material as part of its protocol.But along with these opportunities are the inherent risks posed by the net.A growing number of youths in the Philippines are being drawn into a dangerous world of sexual exploitation by foreigners they meet online."The suspect set to meet the minor the following day, but Facebook as a matter of protocol cut off the account of the Australian so [they lost contact].

However [the minor's] Facebook account was still there and we found information from her Facebook account.

"It's a protocol of Facebook to monitor all the chat logs and they came upon the account of this minor chatting with an Australian national.

The victim has long been providing explicit images," said Chief Superintendent Rosauro Acio, head of the PNP-WCPC.

At the age of 15, Angel began connecting with foreign men in chat rooms. “They told me ‘Angel, it’s really nice to chat with the foreign guys because you can earn money.’” For several hours every day, Angel is online with men from North America and Europe.

“They tell me that, ‘I will send you money if you show me your body, your naked body,’ and yes I will show it, and they will send me money.” The world he and his friends inhabit is the seedy collection of internet cafes, some of them with private cubicles, where teenagers can ‘perform’ on web-cams for foreign customers.

MANILA – Facebook posts helped police nab a suspected Australian "sex tourist" at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on Monday.