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As many as 60 men visited his home over 18 months, Cerna told police. "The Chesterfield Police Department has arrested one of our own officers, working from a tip from an investigative reporter Chris Hayes from Fox 2 News." Chesterfield Police Chief Ray Johnson said at a press conference.

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I had to get someone else to guard the "spill" b/c I started dry heaving.If you ask something like, "Where's the closest bathroom?" (ie in a mini mall) they'll tell you they have one.Comment: The nasty bitch forgot forgot to scratch her paws on the store floor. Though they have all been trained to have better manners and would never shit in a grocery store aisle!What disturbs me is that this has happened 3 times in Walmart. The next was an old woman sitting on a bench and pooped on herself and the last was about 3 weeks ago.We took our investigative research to Chesterfield Police.

The key break, according KTVI, came when Hayes noticed that the pooping bathroom webpage, which shut down during the investigation, linked to a house in St.Charles County owned by the suspect, later identified as Officer David Cerna, a six-year veteran of the Chesterfield Police Department.From Cerna has admitted to the crimes and told investigators he placed ads on Craigslist posing as women wanting casual sex, and would send photos of a woman he didn't know to men who responded.It started to stink on the front end and when I went to investigate and of course there was poop.A man pointed down the line and said it had fallen out of this old womans pants leg.The way it was a long drippy trail wandering through the store made me think it was a child or baby whose parent didn't notice what was going on right away.

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