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It was launched after police in the UK were handed thousands of names by the FBI, who had shut down the Landslide website.Despite protesting his innocence, Mr Bunce was arrested and thrown in a police cell and questioned by officers.

‘It’s a free service tinder put up, to verify the person you wanna meet isn’t a serial killer lol,’ the spammer says, trying to make out that they are taking reasonable precautions.Buying his groceries online, businessman Simon Bunce had no reason to doubt that shopping over the Internet was any less safe than nipping to his local corner shop.But that simple credit-card transaction was to spark a seven-month ordeal, which would see his life collapse around him.He regularly used it to buy goods on the Internet but, unbeknown to him, he claims, the details were stolen and sold to a paedophile in Jakarta.In May the same year, his name and credit card was used to access a US child-porn website called Landslide.They are not what they seem, and will ask you to provide a user name, password and email address.

Once you’ve invested that much in the process, they ask for your credit card details as ‘secure age verification’. But at the bottom in small print it says a bonus offer of a ‘free trial’ for erotic websites.Although his wife, Kim, 50, a secretary, stood by him, Mr Bunce was also shunned by his father, Peter, 76, brother Alistair, 42, and sister Fiona, 51.Only after Mr Bunce proved conclusively it was a case of mistaken identity did the police drop the investigation.He was never charged with any criminal offence."You definitely find out who your friends are if something like this happens to you," Mr Bunce said."My father still won't admit he made a mistake and my sister's still suspicious, despite the huge amount of evidence that I had my identity stolen."Fortunately, my wife has stood by me all the way, she never believed it for a minute, she's been my rock."There have been 39 suicides of people accused of the same thing, unable to cope with the stigma of it."Whether or not they were guilty we can't ever know but it's a terrible price too pay if you are innocent."Mr Bunce is planning to sue the supermarket involved, who he claims failed to properly protect his personal details.However, they vehemently deny any wrongdoing or responsibility for his identity being stolen.Without his knowledge, Mr Bunce's name and card details were stolen by identity fraudsters and used to access vile child pornography websites.