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Today, she’s a healthy house-trained pet with her very own bedroom, complete with full-size bed and stuffed animal friends.

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Dillie the deer was rescued by a vet when she was only three days old after she was abandoned by her mother.

But there's a whole world of weirdly fascinating live video streams out there, serving no real purpose except to make you say "WTF?

" and then waste whole hours of your life away, giggling mindlessly. If you prefer to ignore your own poor life decisions and instead watch complete strangers make them, this stream is for you.

In addition to regular visits by the research vessel , cruise ships and other visitors to Antarctica can often be seen in view of the camera.

Most research at Palmer Station is conducted during the austral summer (October to March), when days are long, ice cover is low, and organisms are abundant.

Also see the Torgersen Island Visitor Site Guide at the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat pages.

Educational materials can be found at the LTER Outreach pages.The fully equipped NOTE: The camera image is often obscured due to harsh and unpredictable weather conditions.A guy wire supporting the tower upon which the Palmer Station camera is mounted can be seen in most images. Navy began construction of the current larger and more permanent station approximately a mile east of the original site. Average temperatures are 36° F (2° C) in austral summer and 14° F (-10° C) in austral winter.The Palmer Station Webcam The Palmer Station Webcam is mounted on a tower overlooking the smallest of the United States Antarctic stations, as well as Arthur Harbour and the Bismarck Strait beyond.Storage containers, dormitories, and research facilities can all be seen in the image, as well as a dock to the left.Webcams are quite useful for chatting face to face with faraway friends and loved ones.

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    In its penultimate episode Choose-A-Rooney, Diggie confesses to Maddie that he had been regretting leaving Maddie when he was in Australia. We're never going to be able to enter the couples' contest now.