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Tom Riis is the Joseph Negler Professor of Musicology and the Director of the American Music Research Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder College of Music.Riis is the immediate past president of the Society of American Music and is a specialist in musical theater.

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In addition to the book in progress, her project, titled “Art Songs of the Black Atlantic,” will also support performances, articles, and conference papers.

Congratulations and farewell to CBMR student worker, Brian Castile, who graduated in May with a degree in Film and Video and a concentration in cinematography.

Castile will spend the summer of 2013 working on several film projects and will then move to California in the fall to participate in Columbia College’s Semester in L. program where he will concentrate on screen writing.

The musical path that took Paul Robeson to fame in the first place has never been fully assessed in all its dimensions.

Robeson’s music and his activism became more intimately fused and was the linchpin guaranteeing that the power of his words would transcend any single performance or repertory, platform or ideology, time, or place.” Tsi Tsi Ella Jaji is assistant professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is also associated with Africana Studies, and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies.

The researcher observed that the book contains an intriguing teaching approach—“linear, arrhythmic, bilateral.” The discovery of such materials in new and as yet unprocessed collections creates points of entry into the collections and provides the reference staff with information about the location of particularly rich or unusual items.

A comic-book or graphic novel style booklet contained in the LP album “Remember Soweto 76–86. Kanga-Fry.” In February, Catalog Librarian Janet Harper attended the conference Sphinx Con.org: Empowering Ideas for Diversity in the Performing Arts, held in Detroit, Michigan, and sponsored by the Sphinx Organization.Archivist and Digital Librarian Laurie Lee Moses participated in an invitational workshop and dinner hosted by the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture and the Arts Public Life Initiative at the University of Chicago. young presented new work at the Arts Incubator in Washington Park—participants read aloud and discussed texts from his music/poetry project, which is in development.Earlier this year, Moses joined a meetup of the Chicago UX (User Experience) Book Club in a free-wheeling discussion of Tim Brown’s book , and usability and information access in the enterprise (mostly business, but also some arts and design organizations).Moses continues to explore new ways to present and discover cultural heritage materials online—she took an advanced mobile and web applications design course at Columbia College’s CITES training center and attended an online workshop on access to audio collections presented in the May conference of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.Deputy Director Morris Phibbs has been appointed a continuing music panelist for the Illinois Arts Council in 2013.This spring, Manager of Web Applications Peter Shultz taught the undergraduate Honors Seminar for the Department of Music at the University of Chicago.