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Since the transition to the Vine Camera App, it is not possible to transfer Vine followers to Twitter.

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If you don’t remember what email you signed up with; don’t have access to the account you signed up with; (or suspect you made a typo in your email address when you signed up), please email [email protected] a link to your account.

Editing features include undo, trim and clip re-ordering.

The website became the Vine Archive – a time capsule of all Vines that were created through the Vine app so you can continue to browse them.

If you believe your account was suspended in error, you may appeal your suspension by emailing [email protected]

Please make sure you are logging in with the correct email or Twitter account.

Vine on Windows and XBox is no longer supported or available in the Windows App Store or XBox Store.

Users who have Vine installed on their Windows and XBox devices should note the app will no longer function.Log in to, go to your profile and use the three dot menu on one of your Vines to delete it.You can delete individual Vines or delete your account, but since is like a time capsule, you cannot modify any other public-facing information including your name, username, vanity URL, avatar, bio or profile background color. You can still view your Vines on the website through your browser.To continue making short looping videos, there is a Vine Camera app on i OS or Android. Videos uploaded to Twitter that are under 6.5s will loop – whether you post them from the Vine Camera or upload them directly to Twitter.If you created a Vine account before January 17, 2017, you can log in using the login functionality on You can post these videos to Twitter, where they will loop if they are 6.5s or less, or save them to your camera roll.