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Basically, it connects your Nest Cam to Nest’s cloud server to process information and limit false alarms.Nest Aware hyper-focuses your Nest Cam to notice smaller, more subtle movements and distinguish between common patterns (like a tree blowing outside your window) and someone actually breaking into your home.

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According to Nest’s support page: Nest Cam and Dropcam will let you know they’ve detected motion and sound once every thirty minutes.I’m a big believer that customer service and experience begins with the product, before I ever need to contact the company.In fact, it makes for a better experience if I never have to contact the company directly, because the product simply works.The 130 degree wide-angle lense covers the entirety of my main living space.I can see if someone enters from the front door, sliding backdoor, or garage in enough detail to make an identification.What if two minutes after my wife leaves again, a burglar breaks into my home?

I won’t receive any notifications for another half an hour, because it happened within thirty minutes of my last notification.The entire setup process took me about a minute and a half and I did it all while sitting on my couch.Nest Cam’s 1080p video is clear enough to make out details in my kitchen and living room area, even from 30 feet away.View on Amazon The whole point of a security camera is to have recorded footage of any suspicious activity. After your 30-day free trial runs out, you’ll need to pay for cloud storage if you want access to any recorded video.Nest offers two separate plans for recorded video history.Nest presents Nest Aware as an optional service, but it’s really not.