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To the north are the ancient woodlands and heathlands of the New Forest, and to the south the Solent and Isle of Wight.Address: The Cavendish Collection Lymington, Former Lymington Bus Station, High Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9AF Renaissance Retirement has acquired an exciting site in the centre of the beautiful Georgian market town of Lymington.Situated on the southern edge of the New Forest between Southampton & Bournemouth at the western end of the Solent.perhaps that dream of bowing out next summer in the World Cup is not just that," it added.The Mirror said Rooney, whose 35th-minute goal went through City 'keeper Ederson's legs before Raheem Sterling's equalised after the break, looked like he could inspire Everton to better things."This was all about Rooney's renaissance...If you’re looking for an adventure with a relaxing twist, Bournemouth is your place.

If you’re looking for something to do on a date, try starting your day with a trip to Pier Zip, a zip line which takes you along the town’s famous pier, or a trip to Go Ape, a high ropes course that will get your blood pumping, setting you up for some chemistry later on in the day.A great place to take a date in Leicester is a chocolate shop called Cocoa Amore, which has very fine chocolates – which is known worldwide as the best aphrodisiac, besides Viagra of course.They also have chocolate making classes, which could be a fun way to get a little messy before getting messy in the bedroom!On Saturday a market is held in the High Street, the origins of which probably date back to the 13th century.At the top of the High Street is the Parish Church, St Thomas Church (circa 1250), from the bottom of the High Street a cobblestone road leads down to the Old Town Quay, still used as a base by commercial fishing boats.The city is full of friendly people, and was the world’s first twin city, when it struck up a relationship with Stalingrad, when the population of Coventry wanted to show solidarity with the troubled people in Russia during WWII.

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