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As the star of Broadway productions like Bonnie & Clyde, South Pacific, Anything Goes and Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, Laura Osnes has been romanced by some of Broadway's most swoon-worthy leading men: Jeremy Jordan, Paolo Szot, Colin Donnell, Santino Fontana...

In a rare twist of theatrical events, the two ended up going on together after the actors playing Aladdin and Jasmine collided on stage and had to go to the hospital.

He did acting for awhile and he booked a couple small jobs and was getting final callbacks for things, but he got tired of the grind.

He was doing photography on the side, and that was the thing people were calling him about.

Last night we had a Great Gatsby party at the studio, and Laura came with me to that so she's around those people. LO: It's great to see Nate find his niche in the city because in Minnesota he had a lot of things going for him, and he dropped everything to move with me to New York, which was amazing and so admirable.

When we moved here I had a year-long job in Grease, and it took a year or two to kind of figure out what he was going to do.

I also do a lot of Broadway photography, and I work with a lot of actors so I'm still kind of in that business—from the other side. I'm kind of a schemer and a dreamer, so I've got a few other businesses that I'm working on right now. We met doing a show together, so he definitely appreciates and understands the business.

Do you like having different careers now as opposed to both being actors? I think we do really well the way we're set up right now, and I understand Laura's world very, very well. NJ: We also make it a point to be in each other's lives. I build friendships with her so that I'm involved in their lives as well.It turned out to be a very happy accident for Johnson and Osnes, who shared their first of many kisses onstage that night.A year-and-a-half later they were married and moved to New York, where Osnes made her Broadway debut in the 2007 revival of Grease opposite her fellow "YTOTIW" winner Max Crumm.We do enjoy singing together when we get the opportunity.And, Nate you're a photographer now and you own a studio in New York?Fortunately, she's been blessed to work with really great guys and very talented leading men.