Schizophrenic dating service

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Schizophrenic dating service

Stigma hurts, but you can protect yourself against false perceptions by learning as much as you can about it from reputable sources, and by talking with other people who have experienced schizophrenia, for example on the SANE Forums.

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Getting treatment early is one of the best things a person can do for their recovery, but while they are capable of making their own choices only the individual who is unwell can make the decision to seek help.

Stories from others caring for people with psychotic illnesses are also a reminder that recovery is possible.

You may be the first to notice that something isn’t right with your loved one.

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There’s a strong public perception that people experiencing schizophrenia are likely to be violent, even though this isn’t true.

It’s also common to experience what’s called ‘functional decline’.

People with schizophrenia often find it harder to work, be social and organise their lives.Film & TV depictions of violent killers are often labelled with a false, highly damaging idea of psychosis or schizophrenia.Some people react fearfully or judgmentally when they learn a person has a psychotic illness.Treatment for schizophrenia can last 2–5 years, or even longer.During that time, your treatments may change to improve the results and reduce side-effects.Sometimes fear of treatment arises from not knowing what is available.